Escribere Especial
CD Label
CD Sleeve
Playlist Insert ~ Front
Playlist Insert ~ Rear

Above you see the art for a CD "mixtape", entitled Escribere Especial, that I recently created for an exchange club of which I am a member. The theme is songs with a beat, the title or lyrics having something to do with paper or the act of writing. If you have your PC sound on, you're listening to a random selection from the mix right now and, if you just keep this page open, eventually you'll hear the entire assemblage.

My inspiration started with M.C. Escher's artwork (left), which I thought would lend itself as a cool CD label. Everything else followed, including the collage I assembled for the front of the playlist insert.

All of the tracks were segued together using (the free) Audacity software; the result being just over an hour of continuous music blended together without any pause. (Audacity even permits loudness leveling, so the playback volume is the same across the disparate songs represented.)

Click the link below to download the entire "mixtape" as a single MP3 file (87.1 MB). Please note that, since the tracks are mixed as you might hear them on an AOR radio station, the collection is to be considered in its entirety.

Escribere Especial