Chris Morton —
Outstanding Instructor

The following comments were provided in 1999 by
Chris Morton’s professional IT students attending
5-day Learning Tree International classes he taught

“Instructor was great!”

Ida McVicker,
Fort Defiance Indian Hospital

Chris is a true IT professional. Also a highly-effective instructor. This is my fifth Learning Tree course and Chris is by far the best I've had.

Andrew Coggins,
US Army

“Chris is excellent. He is very, very knowledgeable about Windows NT and he made the materials easy to understand. He’s also very entertaining. Great guy!”

Brindle Hutchins,
Federal Reserve Board

“Chris Morton is the most energetic and attention-inspiring teacher I've ever had.”

Kumar Amrith,
Stratus Computer

“Instructor made himself available both before and after class to answer questions.”

Eddie Battle,
DC Public Schools

“Best instructor I’ve had to date.”

Robert Powell, Phillip Morris

“I really enjoyed Chris Morton. He really expressed himself during this course. I admire his openness and style. Especially liked his correlation of personal events to real-world situations.”

Kent Colby,
Adroit Systems

“Lots of energy! Great rapport with students.”

Manuel Echevarria, US Army

“Very well prepared and kept my interest. The extras were a major plus. A lot of info will be taken back and used. Thanks!”

Jack Lake,

“Instructor was very entertaining with his teaching techniques.”

Lynn Tigler,
US Air Force

“One of the best I ever had.”

Brad Gilbert,
The Gillette Company

“Best yet.”

Chris Wall, Securities & Exchange Commission

“Enthusiasm, presentation and added value info and comments were excellent. Humor was used to help students improve memory retention of critical points. Instructor expanded his answers to questions by giving examples related to real-world experiences after providing the textbook answer/solution.”

Don Ukena,
Sandia National Labs

“He brought practical experience/example problems to engage/boost our learning process. Every morning, the extra troubleshooting practice was excellent.”

Unsuk Cho,
Lotus Development Corporation

“Great energy. Good reinforcement of concepts.”

Kevin Colwell, GE Capital

“Appreciate his real-world experiences.”

Richard Haycock, Mitre

“Very informative and detailed on subject matters. Used a lot of visual examples which helped me to get a much better understanding of what was being taught.”

Greely Rodriguez,
Dreyfus Corporation

“Very resourceful, informed and vibrant. Excellent instructor.”

Kevin Staley, SIAC

“The instructor was very dynamic and made the course quite interesting. I will honestly say I’ve learned a lot due to (his) teaching style.”

Martine Detro,
US Air Force

“Excellent instructor–technical, yet a real person. Good approach.”

Sylvia Amitoelau,
US Army

“Chris Morton uses many types of visuals/audio to help us. He is terrific.”

Pamela Eccles,

“Best Learning Tree instructor so far.”

Anthony Jordan, GSA 
Board of Contract Appeals

“Chris Morton is absolutely THE BEST instructor at Learning Tree to date!”

Scott Quillen,
Department of Defense

“A ‘must-keep’ asset to your organization.”

Maj. Donald Rotramel, Virginia National Guard

“Chris Morton is energetic and has a great sense of humor. His visual explanations will help me remember things for a long time.”

Mary Andrasko,
Air National Guard

“Very organized flow of subject matter. The animation and sound effects certainly made the material entertaining! I also liked the way the instructor included commentary as to what tips or techniques applied to Windows 9x as well.”

Mari Wittek,
Lockheed Martin

“The instructor was just great. He presented the complex subject matter in a very professional and enjoyable manner. He was very knowledgeable and helpful. He shared so many personal experiences with us.”

Earther Johnson, Export–Import Bank

“Instructor, I believe, is the best one I have had at Learning Tree so far. (He) did so much to help me learn.”

John Barnickel,
Dept. of Defense

“Chris Morton made the course interesting and fun. If he taught all of the courses I want to take, I would want him as an instructor.”

Ken Flick,

“Fantastic instructor! If I had a choice of instructors, Chris Morton would be my choice for every class.”

Sandy Hammond,

“Best of the three instructors I’ve had.”

Steven McArtor,
Ideation Systems

“Excellent technical information and presentation skills.”

Sherri Sanderson, Alltel

“I wish all school instructors were as knowledgeable as Chris.”

Troy Simms,

“Chris is an excellent instructor. A ‘genius’ in WinNT. He made the class enjoyable and relaxing, yet coached exercises well and stimulated my problem-solving ability. Quite a performer!”

Cynthia Thomas,
US Air Force

“Instructor held together even with my nitpicking.”

Sgt. Roderick Adams,
US Marine Corps

“One of the few good instructors I have had.”

Scott Ayvazian,
Los Angeles County

“The instructor is one of the best I have ever had. Very knowledgeable.”

Abraham Valladares,
Los Angeles County

“Instructor pulled together all aspects of learning experience well.”

Celia Valdez,
US Navy–Seebee Logistics

“Chris is an outstanding instructor. He gave additional handouts, extra exercises, recommended reading. His analogies were easy to understand.”

Kimberly Swift,
US Army

“Chris is one of an excellent instructor I had at Learning Tree (sic). He had so much energy to keep our class going for a whole week. I learned so much from him, especially he spent extra time from Tuesday through Thursday to work on extra exercises. It’s really helped me at work.”

Tuyet Phan,

“Chris is great, good teacher. (He) is the only reason I am not more disappointed with the class.”

Allan Hamill,
Applied Ordinance Tech

“The best presentation of course material by any instructor of the courses I have taken at Learning Tree.”

Gregory Scott,
Fairfax County Government

“Very entertaining. His technique of keeping class alert was well taken (calling students by name).”

Rita Willis,
DC Public Schools

“(Enjoyed) the instructor’s style of teaching and (his) knowledge of subject matter makes me wish other classes I’ve taken in life were taught by him.”

Patricia Jefferson,

“Chris was great! Very knowledgeable and entertaining!”

Tom Anderson,
Bridgeman Communications

“Outstanding—exceptional! Chris is very knowledgeable—an asset to the Learning Tree team.”

Robert Molinaro,
US Marine Corps

“Very good instructor. Kept my attention.”

Myron Schneider,
Kimball Electronics

Chris Morton is one of the best instructors I've had. This includes my university professors all the way down to preschool.”

Jason Hassings,
Rational Software Corporation

“Chris has an excellent handle on the course material as well as the skill set to provide superior instruction as a teacher.”

William Weist,
Unisource Worldwide

Extremely knowledgeable, attentive to student needs. If he didn't know (answer to question), provided resources to help.”

Bill Madigan,
Thomson Financial

Chris was an excellent teacher. He used wonderful analogies (which) helped me to fully understand the topic.”

Sara Greenberg,
Coopers & Lybrand

Excellent instructor!“ Great classroom management and teaching skills.”

Kevin Daugherty,
PRB Associates

Very motivated, went the extra mile. (Chris was) intent on making the learning experience work for us. He took training job seriously.”

Janice Bowman,
U.S. Department of Defense

Excellent. Very helpful. Great teaching techniques.”

Barry Silver,
VideoJet Systems International

Chris is an outstanding instructor. His enthusiasm, delivery and body language held my attention for five days with no chance of getting bored (falling asleep).”

Herman Anton,

If Chris did not know the answer, he was very good about finding it out for the next class.”

Annette Merchand,

Chris is a very effective of the best I've ever had. He exhibits a high level of energy and attempts to keep class involved. He researched questions he did not have answers for.”

Joe Flockerzi,
NH Air National Guard

Very knowledgeable and gave very good examples.”

Phyllis Sherrill,
Air Products & Chemicals

“Best instructor so far. Chris really knows how to make you think.”

Ray Theiling,

Chris was one of the best instructors I've ever had. He was knowledgeable and entertaining. I hope I can take other courses with him.”

John Williams,
TriNet Employer Group

(Chris was) helpful to all individuals, regardless of experience and knowledge.”

Michael Mohrmann,
Lockheed Martin

Superb instructor! Very professional and organized.”

David Swift, US Army

Chris communicates well, used all materials and equipment expertly, and showed a real excitement in teaching the subject.”

Douglas Rihl,

Chris is an excellent instructor. (He) keeps everyone involved and active.”

Richard Hermann,
Information Builders

Very knowledgeable and entertaining. An asset to your organization. I would like to take another course from this instructor.”

James Thomas,

Great instructor and very knowledgeable. If there was a question, he would find an answer.”

David Kelly,
Dow Chemical Company

Kept class moving and appreciated his own style that he added to it.”

Scott Baughman, Intercontinental Hotels

Extremely knowledgeable and polite. If he didn't know (an answer to a question), he found out. Utilized all resources.”

Karen Hughes,
BMC Software

I thought the instructor, Chris, was excellent and proved interesting and helpful beyond the scope of the class.”

Bill Bergeron,
US Army

Chris was very animated and lively, which helped in getting through the course.”

Ben Radlinski,
CFO Publishing