Chris Morton — Effective Trainer

The following comments were provided by Mastering Computers’“Inside 
seminar attendees in 1995 and are in response to the question:

“What did you LIKE about the seminar?”

Some respondents do not mention a speaker by name, 
but were easy to isolate based on sessions attended.

Los Angeles, California
January 18

“Chris was very specific, concise. Good speaker.”

Michael Villenueva,
Cook-Boynton Hilton

“Network afternoon session – good speaker.”

Lee Figueroa, Occidental College

“Chris Morton’s extra tips were timely.”

Jerry Norton, Datatape Inc.

“Chris Morton’s clear, rapid delivery of a lot of good information in a short period of time.”

Chris Kretzschmar,
Sierra Autocars
“Chris Morton is an extremely effective speaker.” Roberta Roush,

“Clarity of the speaker.”

Jay Bhatt, Federal Aviation Administration

“The delivery of info by Chris Morton.”

Joe A. Gardner,
City of L.A.

“Chris was very informative about the subject and I would recommend the seminar.”

Ronald L. Ray

“Chris interspersed examples with presentation.”

David Dunham,
GTE California

“The speaker, Chris, had a good presentation, knowledgeable and a sense of humor.”

Haydee Robinson
The Gas Company
Richmond, Virginia
March 21

“The clarity of the speaker – Chris.”

Lester L. McGuire,
Fayetteville State University

“Chris Morton excellent seminar leader.”

Robert Cook,
Defense General Supply Center

“Chris was lively and made sure info was understandable.”

Mike Armstrong,
Metalspray USA

“Engaging speaker examples.”

Ed Lawson, BookCrafters

“Handled very complex issues in an understandable manner.”

Ted Kaldahl,
Reynolds Metals

“Chris Morton provided good insight into the advanced aspects of Windows that went beyond the charts.”

Capt. Tim Matthews,
U.S. Army Fort Lee (CASCOM)

“I attended all sessions of the advanced track – great tips and advice.”

Shannon W. Jones Jr.,
HQDA (U.S. Army HQ)

“Speaker was knowledgeable, well-spoken, and has an entertaining style for presenting information.”

Peggy Bodtke
Dept. of Social Services

“The speaker – Chris Morton – did an excellent job. The content was excellent. All of my questions were addressed.”

Mark Cepuott,

“Things were ‘explained’ better than last session I attended.”

Chris Justin,
Business Integration Software Inc.


Deborah Lindsau,
Southern States Corporation

“Technical content. Chris was a clear and concise presenter; liked fast pace.”

Sandra Heezer,
Overnite Transportation Company

 “Excellent tips provided, very useful information. Liked the fast pace – allowed more material to be covered. Chris Morton did an outstanding job.”

Thomas Burnette,
U.S. Army

“The resourcefulness of the speaker.”

Denise Tew, SPSA

“So much research was done to prepare for it! Your speaker was to the point! Wonderful!

Tamara Field,
Jacksonville, Florida
April 11

“Chris Morton was great at identifying common problems and possible solution (sic). I got a lot out of it.”

Maya Atmaram,
Area Agency on Aging of Central Florida

“Chris Morton – skilled presenter. Obviously enthusiastic. Knows the topic. Thanks.”

David B. Dunlap,
Atlantic Marine Inc.

 “Chris is easy to listen to.”

Michael Arick, James Moore & Company

“Chris very knowledgeable about subject. Had some great ideas.”

Dean West,
Business Systems ala Carte

“The presenter Chris Morton using humor w/sometimes boring material.”

Robert Gay,
AT&T Universal Card

“The practicality of the Advanced Class. Things we can use today.”

Cheryl Schmidt,
Florida Community College

“Chris’ pace was right on target. He quickly moved from one item to the next.”

Judy Shulman

“Mr. Morton was able to pack lots of useful information into the time he had to speak.”

Matthew Stewart,
City of Jacksonville

“Lots of hard-to-find, real-world solutions.”

Ken Smith,
City of Jacksonville (Traffic Engineering)

“Even though I’m certified by Microsoft for Windows, Chris still brought out dozens of helpful support tips in his advanced session.”

Cathy Wilson,
Banc Boston Mortgage

“Learned many new tips to speed up and troubleshoot.”

Todd Reeger,
Treasure Coast Engineering

“Advanced speaker & slides very easy to understand & learned a lot.”

Leslie Coleman,
Shelly Middlebrooks & O’Leary

“Chris Morton covered the topics concisely and yet thoroughly.”

Gary Evans,
HRS–Office of Emergency Medical Services

“Great new info.”

John Perkins, Treasure Coast Engineering

 “Well-designed and packed with loads of very useful/helpful information. (Chris') books well laid out and topic specific.”

Steven L. Smith,
Baptist Medical Center

“Excellent speaker, Chris Morton, kept the pace fast but spoke loudly and clearly.”

Peter Lee,
University of Florida – DOCE

Columbus, Ohio
April 27

“The overall content of the Advanced class.”

Paul Dimel, Ohio Dept. of Education

“Practical tips and solutions.”

Mark Copley, Nat’l Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors

“Chris Morton – explained in basic everyday terms and real-life situations.

Garrett O’Brien,
DLA Systems Design Center

“Chris Morton is articulate and doesn’t talk above or below the audience. Lots of useful tips; well organized.”

Adana Davis,
Ohio State University

“Informational – good NetWare section with Chris.”

Richard George,
Clark Metal

“Chris provided examples I could relate to.”

Kathy Allton, Sutphen Corporation

“The slides and how it was presented. The instructor knew his stuff! Very good!

Jennifer Davis,
KTH Parts Industries

“Technical insight.”

Michael A. Skaggs, CBC Computer Services

“The direct information presented by Chris and in the books.”

Steve Sims,
Huntington Trust Company

“Looks at managing Windows from an administrator’s point of view.”

Mike Ellis,
Century Surety Company

“I got my money out of the seminar by 9:00 a.m.”

Fred Smith,
Bird & Bull Inc.

“Chris Morton knew his stuff, kept things going and kept on time. Touched on solutions to problems I have encountered.”

Mark Severns,
Marion Division of INDRESCO Inc.

“(Chris') books included should be very helpful.”

 John Gregor,
Lexon Corporation

“I really liked the advanced track – it should be immediately helpful at work.”

Jim McDonald,
ODNR –  Geological Survey

“Chris was humorous & very informative.”

Aaron D. Williams,
Nationwide Insurance Company

“Chris – entertaining, knowledgeable.”

Laura Hammond, Dana Corporation

 “Most of the tips – answered almost all of questions that I couldn’t find in any manual.”

David Wolf,
Computer Masters

“The tips Chris gave in optimizing speed of Windows, and other mysteries.”

Deborah Swank,
Ohio Dept. of Mental Health

“Speaker –  Chris Morton  – very good/funny.”

Lisa Barnhart, The Jacob Company

“Quality of topics, level of technical discussion, appropriateness of advertised tools & suggestions.”

George Matchneer,
LCI International

Cleveland, Ohio
May 25

“Chris added the right humor at the right moment. Excellent presenter. Very informative.”

Phillip L. Warrick,
Portable Electric Products Inc

“Speaker describes by use of examples.”

Jonathan Juroska, The Press of Ohio

“I liked the speaker, Chris. He kept the audience’s attention.”

Michael T. Tuersley, Scheeser-Buckley-Mayfield Inc.

“The speaker was well versed and talked in layman’s terms. It was very informative.”

Susan Nash,
Oxytech Systems

“The presentations were packed with information and the speaker – Chris – was enthusiastic in his approach.

 Michael Sagert,
Micro Advantage

“Chris Morton maintained a nice pace – he was easy to understand even under poor acoustic conditions.”

Jeff Bailey,
Meriam Instrument

“The Advanced track session was very good. It covered a lot of potential problems.”

Michael D. Luffler,
Eaton Corporation

“Tips given and Q & A.”

Tim Snyder, Tri-Rivers

“Excellent – excellent speaker!”

David Wenner,
NASA – Lewis Research Center

“Open Q & A was valuable. A lot of information presented in a fairly short time frame.”

Robert Zalewski,
NASA – Lewis Research Center

“Question & answer session. Chris ran it expertly.”

Joan Pagwini,
Obrron Atlantic

(Chris') Opening Windows and Windows Advanced Tips & Secrets books.”

Rick Colvin,
Trend Consulting

“Q & A time. Books.”

Greg Brenneman, Ohio State University

“The seminar was full of information that I could use at the office & home.”

Linda Santell,

“Topics well covered – answered many questions before they were asked – Chris seems to really like what he does and knows his stuff.”

Jody Jackson,
Mahoning National Bank

“I was very impressed with the Advanced session. Chris seemed to be very intelligent and a Windows guru. I learned a lot.”

Steve Dulaney,
Instant Graphics

“Speaker knowledge – Chris – during Q & A.”

Kevin Holden, DAP Express

“Chris Morton’s Advanced track presentation was straight-forward, concise, and easy to follow while covering many performance improvement tips.

Chris Hopsecger,
T & M Rubber Inc.

“Chris was a dynamic speaker. He covered topics well and with humor.”

Keith Williams,

“Q & A informative.”

Peter Wills, C & C Consulting

“Content was very good. Advanced track covered obscure but important info. I am very Windows knowledgeable and I learned new info about Windows.”

Stanley G. Gleason,
Jones Day Reavis & Pogue

“The much needed info, not being ‘drowned’ in useless babble. Chris has a great style of speaking.”

Joseph DePascale Jr.,
Olympic Steel Inc.

Hartford, Connecticut
June 22

“Chris’ explanation of GPF was very clever and helpful.”

Jeff Yates,
JPY Technical Consultant

“Chris’ energy and presentation skills are excellent. Great examples.”

Nap Benaitis,

“The advanced track was right on target to solve the kinds of problems I see every day.”

Joanne Agostinelli,
University of CT

“Chris made the presentation very enjoyable and informative. Shortcut info was very helpful.”

Stuart W. Mittle,
Hamilton Standard

 “Chris is an effective speaker. The ‘Networking Windows’ section gave me a lot of solutions to our problems.”

William Hyland,
Hartford Hospital

“The first two hours of advanced was worth the whole cost. Chris knew his stuff and imparted it well. All sessions were fast-paced.”

Steve Nelson,
Classic Computing

“Chris was (a) very effective speaker. Kept a good pace. Lots of information. Got good idea for networks to use at client site.”

Don Harris,
Financial Data Corp.

“Chris really answered some important questions for me.”

 John Porcello, Jr.,
BWP Distributors, Inc.

“Chris Morton was extremely knowledgeable and a great speaker that keeps your interest. Very informative and on a higher tech level than I thought it would be.”

Deborah Pritchard,
Chemical Marketing Concepts

“Chris was very informative. I learned many different tips about both Windows 3.x and Win 95.”

Richard Rakich,
White Pine Software, Inc.

Santa Clara, California

July 6

“Chris is a very good speaker and expert in his field.”

Linda Waldon,

“I liked that Chris held questions till break so more material could be covered.

Scott Steele,
Boitano Sargent & Lawrence

“Advanced track addressed areas that can immediately improve system performance.”

David Moriyana,
Olympus America Inc.

“Speaker was go, go, go. Had an answer for every question; answered my questions before I asked.”

Roger Laurel,
Bank of America

“Chris did an excellent job. I like the way the seminar is conducted as a lecture instead of a Q & A.”

David M. Leonard, Ph.D.,
Baycrest Insurance

“Chris was a very animated speaker – easy to listen to – not boring.”

Brenda Thrasher,

“Chris’presentation is great; he covered a lot of stuff I didn’t know before.”

Thai Nguyen,
Reinhardt Werba Bowen

“Smooth presentation. All elements were well organized. Chris kept well-controlled time schedule.”

Bill Painter,

“Good overview, learned a few surprising things right away. Chris has a reasonable sense of humor.”

Gary Worsham,

“Chris (was) very well spoken and knew the subject material very well. With the skills I learned, I can begin to implement them right away.”

Steve Olson,
Amkor Electronics Inc.

“Pace was excellent – particularly keeping questions to minimum or offline. Material was clear. Chris Morton was very good.”

Stacy Brown,