“Sure, we learned how Windows 3.0 can work for us. But more importantly, we learned we have an extremely valuable PC training resource in our own backyard. We've previously dealt with other training programs, but few have exceeded our expectations as Crossover (Chris Morton) did in those few short hours. We are very impressed with the level of expertise, knowledge, and customer responsiveness demonstrated by the Crossover team.”

Lisa Upton, IS Specialist
Linda Verdui, Engineer

Weyerhaeuser Structurwood
® , Grayling, MI

Data Design was recently contracted by CompUSA (Mesa, AZ) to locate an instructor who could teach personal computer software classes: Beginning Internet Skills, Microsoft Project and CorelDraw. Having established prior relations, I contacted Chris Morton a few days before the first class was scheduled.

“It was my good fortune that he was between engagements. Not without some apprehension, Chris agreed to the assignment, offering that he had no previous exposure to MS Project. He knew his students were demanding business professionals (representing companies such as Kyocera and Charles Schwab) and that he only had three days in which to learn project management concepts, the software (including not-so-obvious features) and to prepare to teach the material.

Once Chris had completed the original assignment, my client told me that those under his tutelage responded very favorably to his approach and enthusiasm. They appreciated his extra effort in including outside material he deemed relevant to the discussion, but was not included in the courseware he was asked to use. They also felt grateful to be instructed by someone who has insightful knowledge of real-world, business software practices and who can relate these to emerging trends in the PC industry.

“My client was well pleased with Chrisí professionalism and invited him to return. Having now had the opportunity to talk with him at length on several occasions, I can attest that Chrisí personal expectations and his commitment to both quality and customer satisfaction match those of industry leaders. I would highly recommend him to any organization seeking a highly-skilled, creative professional blessed with multiple talents.”

Jeanie Pearson
Regional Vice President
Data Design, Mesa, AZ